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Time for some rejuvenation

Tomorrow I’ll set off on a bike tour. I increasingly like to bring intentions to the surface. One way to do that with a bike tour is to give it a name.

I had a Freedom Tour a few years back after lockdowns eased and I could travel again. I had an unimaginatively named Cycling Home in 2021 where I, um, cycled home.

I’m not so creative with naming things so I turned to The AI to help me.

I asked it (I guess AIs are still an it?):

can you come up with a name for a spring cycle tour that has the goal to re-ground and reset my state of mind?

It replied:

How about “Rejuvenation Ride”? It conveys the idea of restoring and refreshing oneself, which seems to align with your goal of re-grounding and resetting your state of mind during a spring cycle tour. Additionally, “Rejuvenation” has a spring-like connotation, as it suggests a sense of renewal and regeneration that is often associated with the season.


Wow, pretty good! I like it, so that’s the name Rejuvenation Ride.

I have some very mixed feelings about our new AI companions, but now is not the time to talk about that.

The sense I have for the trip is a letting go, a breathing out, coming to a stillness.

Firstly though, furiously rushing round the house packing up! Cleaning things, finding things, assembling things, fixing things, all about things.

There is some relationship between this busy organising thing-orientated mindset, and the letting go mindset to follow. First I need to create some space then I can inhabit that space.

OK, more to do tonight before sleeping, but at least I got one blog post written 🥳

If you want to follow or interact with this as I travel here are a few points:

  • I’ll write blog posts here
  • each time I write one I’ll share it on
  • I think I’ll try doing some videos on the way
  • you can comment at the bottom of each post, I love comments, although I might not reply much
  • you can also hopefully get email updates by subscribing

On with some piccies:

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