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So many cars…

As a contrast to my Morning Mindful Moment the other day, the same duration, but in a city.

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  1. Vanessa

    Nah. No thanks. I’ll take the mindful one. But then again, I could identify things that I like about cars, while acknowledging the bad they do.

    1. Avatar photo
      Nick Sellen

      Yeah there is a paradox there, I love driving, and I love the sense of freedom of being to hop into the car and go somewhere (less nice sense trying to drive around a traffic congested city…).

      The sad thing is the cars are sat there for most of their life taking up space… not providing freedom, joy, or any of those other good things 🙁

  2. Hollie

    You are in Cheltenham here! I remember that car park…

    1. Avatar photo
      Nick Sellen

      Didn’t imagine it would be such a memorable car park! And yes, you’re right of course, it’s Cheltenham 🙂

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