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The trip begins

It’s always an anxious bit before departure. It always takes longer to pack than I think it will, I always have more stuff than I thought I’d have, I’m always more anxious about heading off into the unknown that I think I should be.

I know all this by now though, so I more-or-less accept that phase, well, at least it doesn’t stop me continuing.

The same was true here, in particular a last visit to town to get some bits and bobs left me feeling really distressed, and reminded me exactly of what it is I need a break from.

With my too-loaded bike packed, I cycled off, and immediately an release of tension arrives. Aaaaaah (that’s a soft releasing sound, not AAAARRRGHH).

I had come up with a place to stay for the first night, in a familiar bit of woodland on the edge of Bath. It was glorious! I went a different route through it than I’ve been before, and reached a clearing which told me it was the place to stop.

I had a tasty premade dinner (thanks Nancy!) of spaghetti bologase (can’t seem to spell that right) with some additional hot sauce and yeast flakes.

I was in bed by about 8:30pm, and didn’t get out the tent in the morning till around 9am, a long night in bed! My camping mat has a lot of tiny holes, but there was actually still some air in it by 9am. Seemed quite acceptable.

I was warm enough too, only just, but I wasn’t using all my warm gear, so plenty of scope for colder nights.

I don’t have much timescale really, and I’m not keen to rush off, so by now (just after 12pm) I’ve packed up, and moved about 400m to a sunny little clearing with a view through the trees over the valley. A spot of meditation, and now this blog post.

I made a video this morning too, so I’ll put there here, and then some photos. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Vanessa

    Bolognaise!! Lovely to see you back in nature, refuelling the bits of you that have not been fed enough while you worked so hard beautiful pics and lovely one of you and Dad.

  2. Rhian

    Oh great Nick! Looks like the work that reconnects clearing where we learned tree yoga :))

    1. Avatar photo
      Nick Sellen

      Yes, it’s beautiful up there, and walking distance from us…

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