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Tunnel singing

My secret pleasure is singing when I’m alone in nice resonant tunnels. I recorded myself this time and in the spirit of sharing my inner self will put it here! (Still scary though, my voice goes wobbly in one bit, at around 1:10, as a cyclist passed by and my confidence wavered)

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  1. John Hoggett

    My friend Kate Fletcher wrote a song about singing under the railway bridges at Kennet Mouth in Reading with two of her friends, Lucy and Gilly. It is called The Singing Bridge.

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      Nick Sellen

      Ah great, who needs cathedrals to sing in! My favourite tunnel ever is in Scotland, the last tunnel on the canal before reaching the (high part of) the Falkirk wheel. On the caledonian canal is it? Very nice, and nobody else around. At least when I sung my way through it.

  2. Hazel

    That sounds like the soundtrack to a movie where the camera is currently flying over a rugged landscape. Or maybe a slow motion sequence of something meditative, sad, or bittersweet. Why does it sound haunting with tribal / religious connotations? I guess because folks have been singing in caves and echo-y buildings in those contexts? Anyway, been catching up on the blog, very thought provoking.

  3. Renata

    So eerie!!!

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