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My route to England

Here is an approximate map of my route, I don’t always obey the lines, but it gives a rough idea.

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I’m travelling through Germany and France only to make my covidlife simpler. Going into Belgium requires tests and quarantines. Going through Luxembourg is not possible at all. The Netherlands could have been an option, but I feel like enjoying the spaciousness of France, and the croissants, and baguettes, and Camembert, mmmmm Camembert.

As I write this I’m in Siegen (with access to my full laptop, hence being able to do more fancy things with maps).

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  1. John Hoggett

    thanks for the map. It has me wanting to ask you lots of questions. Looking forward to asking you them the next time we meet.

  2. mariha

    I’ve already had this thought earlier so I guess I’ll share it this time – if there was a plug-in to post pictures as a reply, and you had some time + desire to set it up, it would be a nice option to be able to comment with a drawing or, in this case, with a screenshot of a fragment of a map with Mosel river meanders. Nice route ahead of you!

      1. Anonymous Nick

        Done! You can add attachments to comments now. I’m just an anonymous user now to try it out…

  3. mariha

    Part of your route along Mosel river.

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