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Finally managing to leave

Trying to get away on a bike trip is a very anxious and stressful process for me. My body was exhausted and my mind weary.

Sorting, cleaning, organising, packing, worrying. For this trip too my packing base was not my home, so I had to make sure nothing was left over.

But I made it! After a nice and warm farewell session with my friend I pedalled off. I get a thrill in that leaving moment. Finally on the open road again!

It’s a very rainy period here and I’ve been looking at the forecast way too much, trying to find a suitable break. In the end I just thought I’d go for it anyway, and so far worked out ok.

I just cycled 25km or so to a spot in the woods where my friends had already set up camp, so it was nice and easy. I’ll be cycling with friends for the first part of this trip.

I’m in the tent now for the first time since last November, and it feels great! A gentle pitter patter of rain on the roof. And my nice proper camping gear. A did a few local trips more recently with whatever gear I could find, but with my main gear now I feel like I’m back at home again.

… no piccy of my camp spot as I got chatting on arrival. Will take one tomorrow! It’s a very peaceful bit of forest and I’m very happy to be here.

Over and out! X

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  1. Renata

    Soul looks lifted indeed!

  2. Lucy Brown


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