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Visiting Harzgerode

I spent 5 nights camping in the forest that is part of a community place known to me as “Harzgerode”, although that is actually the name of the nearby town.

Here’s a few reflections from that time. And some nice photos 🙂



Finally managing to leave

Trying to get away on a bike trip is a very anxious and stressful process for me. My body was exhausted and my mind weary.

Sorting, cleaning, organising, packing, worrying. For this trip too my packing base was not my home, so I had to make sure nothing was left over.

But I made it! After a nice and warm farewell session with my friend I pedalled off. I get a thrill in that leaving moment. Finally on the open road again!



Farewell pops!

After a few days driving across Europe together, it was time to say farewell to pops (and the comfort of the campervan). I packed the stuff I won’t be able to cycle with into his campervan and wished him farewell for his onward journey.

Here’s a little taste of our trip.


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We made it away!

My brain knew we would get away. I had been furiously researching the covid related requirements for weeks and felt confident. But part of my body didn’t quite believe it. Travelling anywhere seemed so difficult.



Cycling Home

The basic purpose of my upcoming trip is collecting my bike from where I left it last November, but the trip is infused with so much more meaning. “Cycling Home” is the overall sense I have about it.